Braga Street

Hello today I've posted youtube videos about Braga Street.

This street named Braga Street also known in Indonesia is Jalan Braga. Braga is a small street in the center of Bandung, Indonesia. Chic cafes, boutiques and restaurants with European ambiance along the street had made the city to attain the Paris of Java nickname.

Plan in the next holiday

In the one day 3 teen meet in the cafe.
Gabe : Guys, what you next holiday plan?
Tron : I want go to the Bali beach
John : I just want to stay at home because i didn't have money
Gabe : Tron when you go to Bali?
Tron : at December 16th, do you want to come with me?
Gabe : Bali is a nice place for holiday i think i will come with you to Bali
Tron : John, want to come with us to Bali?
John : I didn't have some money
Gabe : Come on bro, i give you some money but you must come with us to Bali
John : Hmm, okay i will come with you to Bali
Tron : Gabe what you plan in the next holiday
Gabe : I was want go to USA but i think it's was borred place
John : USA has some cool place i think
Tron : Yea but i think Indonesian is the cool country
John : I agree with you Tron
Gabe : Hmm, i think that's right Indonesian has many city, culture, and many more.

1 another teen come and sit with they.
 Max : Hi guys, what you all talking about?
Gabe : We talking about plan in the next holiday


Hello! how are you today? now i want to tell you all about my weird experience 
 In one day i follow my mom to bank in Jakarta, my mom said i must wait front of the exit door. A few minutes i look my mom go outside, i follow her but i lost her at that time i am still 6 years, i didnt know whats i must do at that time i still walk until i found someone and he ask to me "Why you walking alone?" and i said "I lost my mom" and he ask me again "Did you know you home address?" i just said "at JL.Cikoko" and he drove me to address what i said, after that he ask me "I'm so sorry can't drove you to home but i know you can go home alone from here, right?" and i said "It's okay thank you sir i will remember you, i can go home from here" he go and i walk to home, at home my mom is not in home in a few minutes my mom back to home, evidently when i look my mom go outside bank that's not my mom


Conversation english


One day in Library 2 teen talking about something
 Gian : Hi bro! can you help me?
Adam : Sure,what can i do?
Gian : Please close that door.
Adam walk to the door and close the door after that he back to Gian
Adam : Done!
Gian : Okay thanks, but wait i do not know you yet.
Adam : Oh ya? Hahaha, my name Adam Bagus and you?
Gian : Ohh Adam, my name is Gian, you know Recca eSport?
Adam : I know Recca eSport is gaming team from Indonesia right?
Gian : Yeah, thats right and i hear Recca eSport win world game tournament.
Adam : Really? im so proud of Recca eSport but Indonesia has many gaming team
and has won various tournament.
Gian : That's right i hope i can like they, can bring Indonesia name to world.
Adam : I too but i think i can't be like they i must focus exam .
Gian : I too but if i bored i will play game.
Adam : Hmm maybe i too, i must go to home i hope we can play game together, nice to
meet you Gian.
Gian : Ohh okay, i also want to play game togeth…

Its all about me

All about me
Hello! My name is Adam Bagus Wirawan. I am student at 3 Senior High School. I like playing game and sleep.
I was born in Jakarta at 28th Agust 2002. I have 2 siblings 1 sister and 1 brother, my sister name is Chantika but i call she Cika and my brother name is Rafi. First time i join 3 Senior High School i'm join Group 9 and i mate some new friends and 2 seniors, my first friend in 3 Senior High School is Ariq. He is a good friend he can make we smile everyday, in the next day we want make prototype together, in the middle of our working process i make some problem in my prototype i write my Group with GUGU 9 i should write the name is GUGUS 9 but i forget with S at least i make all my friends laughting, that's how i introduce my self to my friend and got closser to my friend and all my friend call me Bw because in 43 Junior High School i has been called Bw and now my friend call me Bw again, Bw mean is Bagus Wirawan.
I think my group will being the class but school …