Conversation english


One day in Library 2 teen talking about something
 Gian : Hi bro! can you help me?
Adam : Sure,what can i do?
Gian : Please close that door.
Adam walk to the door and close the door after that he back to Gian
Adam : Done!
Gian : Okay thanks, but wait i do not know you yet.
Adam : Oh ya? Hahaha, my name Adam Bagus and you?
Gian : Ohh Adam, my name is Gian, you know Recca eSport?
Adam : I know Recca eSport is gaming team from Indonesia right?
Gian : Yeah, thats right and i hear Recca eSport win world game tournament.
Adam : Really? im so proud of Recca eSport but Indonesia has many gaming team
and has won various tournament.
Gian : That's right i hope i can like they, can bring Indonesia name to world.
Adam : I too but i think i can't be like they i must focus exam .
Gian : I too but if i bored i will play game.
Adam : Hmm maybe i too, i must go to home i hope we can play game together, nice to
meet you Gian.
Gian : Ohh okay, i also want to play game togeth…

Its all about me

All about me
Hello! My name is Adam Bagus Wirawan. I am student at 3 Senior High School. I like playing game and sleep.
I was born in Jakarta at 28th Agust 2002. I have 2 siblings 1 sister and 1 brother, my sister name is Chantika but i call she Cika and my brother name is Rafi. First time i join 3 Senior High School i'm join Group 9 and i mate some new friends and 2 seniors, my first friend in 3 Senior High School is Ariq. He is a good friend he can make we smile everyday, in the next day we want make prototype together, in the middle of our working process i make some problem in my prototype i write my Group with GUGU 9 i should write the name is GUGUS 9 but i forget with S at least i make all my friends laughting, that's how i introduce my self to my friend and got closser to my friend and all my friend call me Bw because in 43 Junior High School i has been called Bw and now my friend call me Bw again, Bw mean is Bagus Wirawan.
I think my group will being the class but school …